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Creative Winter Camp /
Giovanni Abrami

Giovanni versucht eine kulturelle Theorie der menschlichen Evolution auszubreiten.

Archaische Periode 200000 - 70000

Die Evolution der Empathie

Epigenetik als Movens kultureller Evolution

The Transcendency Revolution> Mythologie

Die Entwicklung der Schrift

aus den praktischen Notwendigkeiten des Zaehlens und Markierens heraus?

Die Entwicklung des kritisch - philosophischen Denkens

Die Entwicklung der wissenschaftlichen Methode

Die neue kulturelle und soziale Revolution

Outline Mitschrift

Giovanni Presentation

  • "Early Cultural Revolutions and their Effects on Social Structures Of Societies"
      • put together 2 lectures
      • result of 20 years of research, preparing book on this subject
      • We are not going to ask deeply about nature of culture, values etc.

  • 5 Steps

    • 1 Transcendency Revolution of Thinking
        • Archaic Thinking ; relates to practical experiences
        • Arising abstractions: thinking not only relating to concrete realities
        • People live in small family bonds
        • The period (200.000 … 70000 bc) is a period that evolves empathy
        • distinction between brain and mind :
        • 70.000 years ago there was a complicated way of burial - Okra (red) painting, shells etc
        • caves in South Africa show this evolution in thinking, while species in Europe was almost disappearing
        • larger family groups starting to cooperate
        • The Transcendency Revolution> not only forces, but....
        • Mirrors of the mind, another world that is similar to ours
        • Mythologie: a world with a history:
      • 70000 New Migration from Africa

    • 2 The Development of Writing
      • out of practical necessities > the number are the first important things
      • untitled

    • 3 The arisal of critical and philosophical thought

    • 4 The development of the scientific method
      • necessary for industrialisation
      • creates counterproductive specialisation
      • cannot conceive the whole system

    • 5 A new cultural and social revolution
      • integrating knowledge
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